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Small Farm News Survey Results

The following resources may provide information from sources outside the University of California domain. We provide these resources solely as a convenience to you. In providing these resources, we do not endorse them and make no representation regarding their content's accuracy, or in the case of the web links, their security.


EPA's National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center (Ag Center) has updated its toll-free, automatic fax-back system for fact sheets and other publications. The new number is (888) 663-2155. The center will fax or mail documents including Basic Awareness Fact Sheet for Small Business.

The Small Farm Resource Guide is available from the Small Farm Program at USDA-Cooperative State Research, Extension and Service (USDA-CSREES). To receive the guide, download it at http://reeusda.gov/agsys/smallfarm/guide.htm, or call (202) 401-4385.

Natural Beef: Consumer Acceptability, Market Development and Economics presents a sample marketing plan and four case studies for ranchers interested in grass-fed beef production and marketing. Cost: Free. Contact: Linda Fugitt, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP), One Shields Ave., University of California, Davis, CA 95616; phone (530) 752-7556.

New Options for Agricultural Customers: California's Electric Industry Restructuringcovers changes in the California electric industry and how farmers can prepare for them. Cost: Free. Contact: Ricardo Amon, 1516 Ninth St., Sacramento, CA 95816; phone (916) 654-4019.

Chili Pepper Production and Sample Costs; Eggplant Production and Sample Costs; Lettuce Production and Sample Costs; and Okra Production Practices and Sample Costs focus on the Coahella Valley/Riverside County, but could be applicable to similar areas. Written by farm advisors Eta Takele and Jose Aguiar, each publication costs $4 plus shipping, handling and taxes. Contact the Small Farm Center; (53) 752-8136.

Web Sites

An on-line discussion group on food safety issues.

On-Line Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology
Definitions accompanied by diagrams, photographs, reference texts, and pronunciation guidelines.

A tutorial and scheduling guide for irrigating in California.

Herb World Online
General information on herbs, gardens, related associations, and publications.

Marketing New Crops to the American Consumer
Frieda Caplan provides information on where marketing trends start and how new products are launched.

California Commercial Crop Database
A database for determining which regions and counties in California grow specific California crops.