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Small Farms Advisors and Staff


Small Farms Advisors and Community Educators serve small-scale farmers with diverse programs that address the needs of their counties' clientele. To meet those needs, staff:

  • provide on-farm consultations,
  • conduct research,
  • present educational outreach programs,
  • author research publications, and
  • collaborate with colleagues.

To find out more about each advisor and/or our community educators, click below. Links to their individual programs are available on the following pages.

Emeritus Farm Advisors:

  • Richard Molinar, Fresno County (Retired, Emeritus)
  • Manuel Jimenez, Tulare County (Retired, Emeritus)
  • Aziz Baameur, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz & San Benito Counties (Retired, Emeritus)
  • Mark Gaskell, San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara Counties(Retired, Emeritus)