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Director's Column

by Desmond Jolly, director, Small Farm Program

Small Farm News recently asked its readers to respond to a survey regarding preferences for newsletter features and information needs in various subject areas and topics. We have now summarized and analyzed that information and will use it to inform the content and format of Small Farm News during the next three years. (See page 8.) Readers indicated a desire for, among other things, more information on organic production, nonchemical pest control approaches, farmer profiles, and specialty crops. The information you provided us with will add value to our operations and hopefully to yours as well.

This issue also provides information on daikon production, the state of the organic industry, options available to farmers under the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, buying farm equipment, and resources accessible to you through the world wide web. Our recurring features include our Calendar, News Notes, and Resources sections with information relevant to agricultural production and marketing. We hope this information proves useful to you.