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The 2000 Pedro Ilic Agricultural Awards

EDITOR'S NOTE: These awards have already been presented. Richard Molinar and Michael Yang

2000 Pedro Ilic Agricultural Awards

The Small Farm Program is issuing a call for nominations for the 2000 Pedro Ilic Agricultural Awards. The awards will be presented at Farm Conference, November 17-19, 2000, in Santa Rosa. The awards were established in 1994 to honor Pedro Ilic, farm advisor in Fresno County from 1976 to 1994. Awards are given to an outstanding educator and an outstanding farmer selected on the basis of some of the attributes which contributed to Pedro's success.

Criteria include:

  • The ability to envision what can be done and the imagination, energy, and intellect to translate that vision into a successful activity
  • To be part of the solution, not the problem -- critical in thinking but constructive in approach
  • To act as an advocate and risktaker
  • To be an effective teacher, instilling self-esteem and constantly encouraging others
  • To be a dedicated professional who believes in his or her work
  • To have determination, exuberance, high energy, and genuine friendliness for all people, with the conviction that the smallest is as important as the largest
  • To have good personal and family values.
  • The above criteria should be clearly shown in the nominations. Forms may be obtained from the Small Farm Center; phone (530) 752-8136; or e-mail sfcenter@ucdavis.edu. EDITOR'S NOTE: The nomination period has ended.

Pioneer Agriculturist Awards

The Kathleen Barsotti 2000 Pioneer Agriculturist Award also will be presented at Farm Conference 2000. If you have suggestions for nominations, send them to Desmond Jolly, director, Small Farm Center, University of California, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616-8699. EDITOR'S NOTE: The nomination period has ended.