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Small Farm Program Publications

Specialty and Minor Crops Handbook

Updated and expanded from the first edition, the Specialty and Minor Crops Handbook contains 63 crop profiles, a comprehensive bibliography, a glossary of Asian vegetables, and an index to common and scientific crop names.

Cost: $35 plus tax and shipping.

Small Farm Handbook

This practical guide covers topics including livestock and crop production, buying property and equipment, dealing with taxes and regulations, and marketing.

New Price:$25 plus tax and shipping.

For copies of the Small Farm Handbook or the Specialty and Minor Crops Handbook, visit the ANR Communication Services online catalog or phone 800-994-8849.

The Small Farm Program and California Agriculture Magazine

The Small Farm Program is featured in two issues of California Agriculture, the peer-reviewed publication produced by the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR). The Small Farm Program is part of DANR.

The California Agriculture issues capture the essense of the Small Farm Program, detailing its 20-year history of cutting edge research and outreach to small scale farmers throughout the state. The editions include small-scale farmer profiles, in-depth reports on farm advisor research targeting small scale farms, and new industry trends such as agri-tourism and farmers' markets; Central Coast blueberry production; and radio outreach to ethnic minorities.