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1999 National Small Farm Conference
October 12-15, 1999
St. Louis, Missouri

This national conference provides a forum for state and county extension faculty, small-scale farmers, community leaders, and non-governmental organizations to share new approaches to small farm programs.

Conference topics include marketing strategies, value added enterprises, grant writing, business and entrepreneurial skills, and farmer to farmer and beginning farmer networks. Participants may choose from a variety of theme-oriented tours that include a marketing/agri-tourism experience; a research, plant, and alternative agriculture tour; and a visit to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.

Conference fees

The registration fee is $125 and includes a reception, three breakfasts, two lunches, one dinner buffet, and conference tours. Hotel rooms must be reserved by Friday, September 10, 1999, to receive the group rate.

For more information

Contact Troy Darden
Lincoln University
301 Allen Hall, P.O. Box 29
Jefferson City, Missouri, 65102-0029
(573) 681-5587

Web site


For a copy of the conference announcement call the Small Farm Center at (530) 752-8136.

1999 California Farm Conference
"Cultivating the Farm/City Connection"
November 7-9, 1999
Berkeley Marina Radisson Hotel, Berkeley, CA

This year's California farm conference will plant the seeds for a stronger relationship among farmers, consumers, educators, food professionals, environmentalists, and policy makers. An extensive series of more than 40 workshops, seminars, and tours will stimulate discussion on a wide range of food and agricultural topics, including sustainable agricultural practices, specialty crops and products, policy issues, successful farm-to-city models, agriculture and food education, direct marketing, and alternative marketing.

Information and registration:

(510) 222-5091

Web site:



Pre-registration (before Oct. 16) is $90. After Oct. 16 is $110. (Other costs may apply.)

We have provided information below about two California farm conference courses: "Starting and Sustaining a Small Farm," and "Farm Stays and Agri-tourism." For detailed information about all conference workshops and courses, use the contact information above to request a brochure, or visit the converence web site at http://www.mother.com/~caff/farmcon99

Farm Conference Short Course: Starting and Sustaining a Small Farm
Sunday, November 7
10 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Learn the keys to success in starting and sustaining a small-scale farming operation. Presented by the UC Small Farm Workgroup, this course covers topics including soil and climate, farm equipment, cropping decisions, infrastructure, and the financial resources necessary to be successful. The course includes a hands-on workshop in developing a business plan, and a presentation on cropping decisions.

The Small Farm Handbook will be used as a class text, and costs $20 plus tax. Short course fee: $30. (You may register for this course without registering for the conference.)


Tom Broz, farmer, Live Earth Farm, Santa Cruz County
Manuel Jimenez, farm advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Tulare County
Desmond Jolly, director, UC Small Farm Center, and agricultural economist, UC Davis
Jim Leap, farm manager, UC Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
Richard Molinar, farm advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Fresno County
Steve Schwartz, director, California FarmLink, Sacramento

Farm Conference Workshop: Farm Stays and Agri-tourism
Tuesday, November 9
9:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Organized by the Small Farm Center and UC Cooperative Extension, Marin County, this workshop provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with incorporating agricultural tourism and farm stays into a farming operation. Presentations include:

  • marketing, insurance, and regulatory tips by agricultural tourism entrepreneurs
  • research findings
  • tourism industry highlights

The workshop also provides an opportunity to brainstorm with other particpants about farm stays and other forms of agricultural tourism.


Ellie Rilla, UC Cooperative Extension, Marin County, Novato, CA
Nita Gizdich, Gizdich Ranch, Watsonville, CA
Sharon Doughty, Vineyard Inn, Point Reyes, CA
Voris Brumfield, Redwood Empire Association, San Francisco, CA