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Resources (Publications/Web Sites)

The following resources may provide information from sources outside the University of California domain. We provide these resources solely as a convenience to you. In providing these resources, we do not endorse them and make no representation regarding their content's accuracy, or in the case of the web links, their security.


Voluntary Food Safety Guidelines for Fresh Produce explains practices for minimizing microbial contamination in fresh produce production, cooling, transporting, and processing. Cost: $35. Contact: Dylan Whitlow, Western Growers Association, PO Box 2130, Newport Beach, CA 92658; (714) 863-1000 x133.

Direct Marketing and Related Topics is a bibliography containing citations from 1991-1996 books, articles, and videocassettes on direct marketing and related topics. Cost: free. Contact: Mary Gold, National Agricultural Library, Room 304, Beltsville, MD 20705-2351; (301) 504-6559.

Mushrooms are detailed in three resources: the How-To Book (cost: $3.50), Proceedings of the National Shiitake Mushrooms Symposium (cost: $10), and the Procedure for Growing Shiitake Mushrooms video (cost: $5). Contact: Cathy Sabota, Alabama A&M University Cooperative Extension System, P.O. Box 967, Normal, AL 35762; (205) 851-5710.

The California Poultry Letter covers general poultry information including egg production and processing. Cost: $12 per year; free to qualified subscribers. Contact: Donald Bell, UC Cooperative Extension, 142 Highlander Hall, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521; (909) 787-4555.

Web Sites

USDA National Ag Statistics
Includes information on agricultural production, supplies, consumption, and costs.

Ornamental Horticulture Research and Information Center
Research-based information and issues facing the horticulture industry in California.

Electronic Ag Decision Maker
A financial decision making tool for farmers and others involved in agribusiness.

Herb Online
Herbal recipes, remedies, and information.

The International Link
Worldwide links with information on areas including trade, market and agricultural research, and ag market prices.

Wright's PestLaw
News, regulatory information, and other resources about conventional pesticides, biopesticides, and antimicrobial pesticides.