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The University of Nebraska offers four home study courses called Beef Basics.Addressed at the basic level, topics include reproduction, genetics, selection, nutrition, health, and forage utilization. Cost: $45 per home study course. Contact: Robert Strizke, Jefferson County Extension, 517 F St., Fairbury, Neb. 68352; phone (402) 729-3489; fax (402) 729-3078.

The free 1997 edition of Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North Americalists commercial sources for beneficial organisms that kill or control farm and garden pests. Cost: Free. Contact: California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation, Environmental Monitoring and Pest Management Branch, Attn: Beneficial Organisms, 1020 N Street, Rm., 161, Sacramento, CA 95814-5624; phone (916) 324-4100; fax (916) 2324-4088.

One Green World, a 1998 nursery catalog, features unusual fruiting plants from around the world that are hardy, disease resistant, and nutritious. Cost: Free. Contact: Jim Gilbert, 28696 S. Cramer Rd., Molalla, OR 97038; phone (503) 651-3005; fax (503) 651-3882.

Dynamic Farmers' Marketing: A Guide to Successfully Selling Your Farmers' Market Productsoffers step-by-step procedures for vendors, market management and new market organizers. Cost: $14.95. Contact: Jeff Ishee, Bittersweet Farmstead, HCR 32 Box 109, Staunton, VA 34401; phone/fax (540) 886-8477.

Web Sites

Virtual farm show open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Purdue University site includes crop description index, directory of crop experts, listserve and national farmers' market list.

California EPA Department of Pesticide Regulation Database Resources 
Includes databases on chemical ingredients, products/labels, company names, and Section 18 emergency exemptions.

Family Health
Ohio University's College of Osteopathic Medicine maintains an extensive library of short audio files on various health questions that might be asked of a family practitioner. Before listening, you will be given instructions for downloading an audio player.

The Sustainable Agriculture Network
Includes on-line and print publications on topics including profitable dairy options.