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Certified Farmers' Market Marketing Tips

  • Quality counts. Never let your produce sit in the field.
  • Quantity sells. One overflowing crate often outsells five half-full crates.
  • Use wet burlap sacks behind the counter to cool heat-resistant summer vegetables.
  • Post signs asking customers to bring in excess plastic/paper bags.
  • Display photos of your farm and family, recipe cards, pricing information, and your certified producer's certificate.
  • Be prepared for the first rush of shoppers. Have 25 percent or more of your load ready to be sold (bagged if necessary) when the market opens.
  • Choose your shade or umbrella color carefully. A blue covering makes peaches look green.
  • Develop employee training.
  • Avoid displaying food items on the ground.
  • Participate in market promotion activities.

(Tips contributed by farmers, farmers' market managers, and Southland Farmers' Market Association for their complete listing.)