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A Legal Sourcebook for California Cooperatives: Start-Up and Administration

Van P. Baldwin, Third Edition, 2004
ISBN: 1-885641-31-1
A Legal Guide for Co-ops Incorporating and Operating Under the California Consumer Cooperative Corporation Law

Please note: This publication is not fully updated for subsequent changes in the law or other information provided herein. Errata and Updates.

The Sourcebook is designed to help new cooperative corporations effectively organize themselves, and it can assist existing co-ops in administering their ongoing affairs. Sample documents, legal sources, cross references, and definitions are included, along with advice on the need for legal counsel. Chapters cover choice of entity, articles of incorporation, board of directors, members and memberships, and financing issues.

Print copies of the Sourcebook can be purchased from the University of California, ANR Communication Services, 6701 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA 94608. Toll free order line: (800) 994-8849. The book can also be purchased online through the ANR Catalog.

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