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Management Skills

Farmers Market Management series, Vol. 2

This 100-page manual is the second in a three-part professional development curriculum for farmers market managers. The second volume examines the day-to-day functions and skills necessary for a successful market manager.

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By Chapter

Individual chapters can be printed or read online. Chapters can also be viewed continuously by clicking on "Next" at the end of each chapter.

  1. Introduction (797 KB)
  2. The Manager as Visionary and Leader (408 KB)
  3. Day-to-Day Management (571 KB)
  4. Working with Your Board of Directors (463 KB)
  5. Market Leadership: Strengthening Your Board of Directors (390 KB)
  6. Maintaining Positive Relations with Vendors (636 KB)
  7. Managing Conflict with Vendors (547 KB)
  8. Managing Customer Relations (613 KB)
  9. Problem-Solving (451 KB)
  10. Conflict Resolution (502 KB)
  11. Communicating with a Large Audience (467 KB)
  12. Interpersonal Communication (432 KB)
  13. Time Management (408 KB)
  14. Delegation Techniques (467 KB)
  15. Conclusion (637 KB)

Entire book

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