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Starting a New Farmers Market

Farmers Market Management series, Vol. 1

This 104-page manual is the first in a three-part professional development curriculum for farmers market managers. The first volume examines the start-up process, and can be useful for both beginning and veteran farmers market managers.

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By Chapter

Individual chapters can be printed or read online. Chapters can also be viewed continuously by clicking on "Next" at the end of each chapter.

  1. An Introduction to Farmers Markets (867 KB)
  2. Envisioning the Farmers Market in Your Community (873 KB)
  3. Organizing in a Low-Income Area (515 KB)
  4. Federal Food Assistance Programs (546 KB)
  5. Conducting the Feasibility Study: Market Analysis (374 KB)
  6. Conducting the Feasibility Study: Site Assessment (673 KB)
  7. Conducting the Feasibility Study: Financial Analysis (See Chp. 6 - 8)
  8. Conducting the Feasibility Study: Vendor Recruitment (See Chp. 6 - 8)
  9. Establishing the Market as an Organization (439 KB)
  10. Establishing the Market Manager (500 KB)
  11. Hiring a Market Manager (428 KB)
  12. Creating the Budget and Bookkeeping System (492 KB)
  13. Creating Market Rules (429 KB)
  14. Recruiting and Orienting Vendors (456 KB)
  15. Promoting and Advertising Your New Market (433 KB)
  16. Preparing for Opening Day (841 KB)

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